Friday, May 4, 2012

Some random pictures....

I found a couple more pictures from the b-day celebration that I thought I would share, so here they are:

Payslie and I had a tea party..... She got to eat a little bit of cake....
This is what I was given.

Adorable Deux Lux wallet from my mom... LOVE!

quote on my birthday... love it.

the finished product of the bday pedicure... on date night :)

We went to the horse races at Keeneland last week... the girls loved watching the horses! 

I made rice krispy treats the other night...... this was my second attempt at doing them by myself... the first was a disaster. Sounds crazy, right? How can you mess up rice krispy treat??? Well let me tell you. You can. By dumping the WHOLE box of cereal in your marshmellow mixture that was only supposed to take about 5 cups(less than half the box). And then trying to "add" more marshmellow mix. Didn't work. But this time.... perfection. :) with sprinkles. (channeling our inner-"Fancy Nancy") And so I've decided. Sprinkles can go on everything. And it's better that way. In our house, we add sprinkles to: rice krispy treats, vanilla yogurt(it makes it "just like orangeleaf"), applesauce, pb&j.... for special occasions, you know???

We had a pig-tail day because Felicity's hair fits in piggies now!!!

We love our hang-out buddies! It is chaotic and crazy and lots of fun!:)

You know those days when you see something that your kids are doing and you think, "Gross!.... I better take a picture!"???? Today we had a moment. Payslie and Felicity were "taking a nap" on the DIRTY kitchen floor, UNDERNEATH the DIRTY kitchen rugs, ON the couch PILLOWS. That's the sort of stuff that happens when Mom has to be on the phone for way to long with the water company.